LeBron James and David Beckham in discussions over MLS franchise

Miami Heat superstar LeBron James is reportedly in discussions with another global icon, David Beckham, over bringing an MLS team to South Florida. According to ESPN.com, the talks are only in their infancy, but there is mutual interest.

“There’s some interest in both sides,” James said Monday of his talks with Beckham, who has attended several Miami Heat games in recent seasons. “David has become a good friend of mine over the last few years, and I think it would be great for this city to have a football club for sure.”

Beckham reportedly spoke with Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross earlier in the year about an MLS franchise. By reaching out to the city’s top athlete, as well as the owner of the 25th most valuable franchise in the world, Beckham appears intent to bring soccer back to South Florida.

For his part, James views the business venture as a good idea based on Miami’s population demographic.

“The research is still being made out, but I think it can be huge,” said James, a four-time league MVP and two-time champion. “But you never know. I think this is a great town for soccer. There are a lot of soccer players here. There is a lot of great youth soccer here.”

The MLS had a team that played in Ft. Lauderdale from 1998 until its contraction in 2001.