Photo: Marlins Are Now Racing Sea Creatures For Some Reason

It looks like the Miami Marlins got uncreative for the 2014 season and decided to take a spin on the Brewers’ Sausage Race with some sort of sea creature competition. Whether or not this is a regular occurrence remains to be seen.

Maybe the franchise could outfit players in these costumes and let them play the game like this. It’s not like it would drive down ticket sales.

miami marlins sea creatures 2

[via @cjzero]


One of our friendly readers (see comment below) alerted us that the race has occurred since 2012. We still stand by the idea that players should outfit themselves in the costumes while playing – it’d make for a better product on the field.

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  • SoFlaFish

    Who is the pre-schooler writing this article?!?! The Marlins have been doing the “Great Sea Race” for the last two seasons since they moved to Marlins Park. This wasn’t introduced last night. Do a little research before typing!