Mississippi College Adds Beer Garden To Help With Football Attendance

Millsaps College athletic coordinator Josh Brooks is a forward-thinking man. After spending six years working for the University of Georgia, the new AD conjured up a plan to combat the nationwide attendance decrease at sporting events: bring ’em in with booze. Beginning this season season, Millsaps football games will feature beer gardens.

Not only will alcohol sales bring all the fans to the yard, they will bolster concessions.

Per the Clarion-Ledger:

“I spent the last six years at the University of Georgia noticing a trend in the decline in attendance of college athletics and college football,” Brooks said. “Up to 21 to 22 schools in Division 1 are selling beer now as a form of revenue generation obviously and a method to keep people attending.”

What’s even better is that the school is partnering with a local brewery. That’s right, save your Natty Light and Bud Heavy for the tailgate. The beer garden will feature Lucky Town Brewing Company’s Pub Ale (graded at 81/100 by Beer Advocate) and Ballistic Blonde (89/100).

“From our standpoint, we think it’s really exciting. I don’t know of any other college program coming out and publicly embracing local craft beer in such a way as Millsaps is,” [Lucky Town co-founder Chip] Jones said.

Support a local team and a local brewery while enjoying a little action on the gridiron? Don’t mind if I do.