NBA Draft Lottery Odds 2014: Which Team Has Best Chance For No. 1 Pick

The NBA’s regular season is in the books and 16 teams are in the playoffs. Bully for them. But let’s talk about the other 14 lottery squads. The ones who were riggin’ for Wiggins, failing to succeed for Embiid, intentionally scrambled to land Julius Randle … you get the point.

Below is a list of the lottery teams and their odds of landing the No. 1 pick in the draft.

1. Milwaukee Bucks  (15-67) — 25 percent)
2. Philadelphia 76ers (19-63) — 19.9 percent
3. Orlando Magic (23-59) — 15.6 percent
T-4. Utah Jazz (25-57) — 10.35 percent
T-4. Boston Celtics (25-57) — 10.35 percent
6. L.A. Lakers (27-55) — 6.3 percent
7. Sacramento Kings (28-54) — 3.6 percent
8. Detroit Pistons (29-53) — 3.5 percent
9. Cleveland Cavaliers (33-49) — 1.7 percent
10. New Orleans Pelicans (34-48) — 0.7 percent (Pelicans tickets)
11. Denver Nuggets (36-46) — 0.8 percent*
12. New York Knicks (37-45) — 1.1 percent*
13. Minnesota Timberwolves (40-42) — 0.6 percent
14. Phoenix Suns (48-34) — 0.5 percent

As noted by Sports Illustrated, a coin flip will determine whether Utah or Boston will receive a fractional advantage, and potential better landing spot in the draft. There is also some potential pick swapping between Denver, New York and Orlando.

New York owes its first-round pick to Denver, who in turn owes Orlando a first-round pick. The Nuggets will keep whichever pick is better between their selection and the Knicks’ selection, once the lottery has been conducted.

The league’s worst team has won the lottery only three times in 24 years. The franchise in the three-hole has won the most lotteries with six. Should it remain in the lucky position, the Orlando Magic would land their fourth No. 1 overall pick in the team’s 25 year existence.

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