Neil Everett Upset With Lack Of Jason Bitsko Coverage

While rolling through the day’s top stories on SportsCenter, anchor Neil Everett appeared to take umbrage with the media coverage of deceased Kent State player Jason Bitsko. A real-world situation with an impact felt beyond the realm of sports, ESPN gave approximately 15 seconds worth of coverage to the young man, while devoting full segments to other Ohio stories – Johnny Manziel’s relegation and Braxton Miller’s injury.

When transitioning from the Bitsko story Everett gave a terse commentary perhaps not so much on the state of his own station, but on mainstream media: men like Bitsko don’t receive the headlines in life, and sadly don’t in death either.

[Yahoo via Cork Gaines]

  • Scott Steudler

    Guaranteed ESPN got on his ass after that little deal. Oh how DARE he give more than 15 seconds to someone not named LeBron James, the New York Yankees, or Johnny Manziel!!!

    • Happa

      You are absolutely right. In the eyes of ESPN progressives, this guy represents all what’s wrong with America. Come on Fox Sports 1 get your s$$t together and push ESPN aside.