Neymar Twitter Booms After Leaving Heavy Footprint On World Cup

Brazil’s Neymar wasted no time putting his footprint on the 2014 World Cup. In the opening match against Croatia, Neymar scored two of his squad’s three goals to give Brazil the 3-1 victory. The first was a perfectly placed equalizer, the second a controversial penalty kick.

Off the pitch, Neymar also dominated – this time in the social media world. According to Forbes’ Jeff Fick, the 22-year-old’s Twitter boomed, picking up around 300,000 new followers – 10.7 to 11 million.

And things for Neymar have only just begun. If all goes according to plan and Brazil makes a deep run into the tournament, Neymar’s Twitter account should make a push to catch Cristiano Ronaldo and his soccer-leading 26.7 million followers.

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