Roger Goodell’s #AskCommish Twitter Session Is Going To Be Fun

It is finally draft week, which means that we are at the height of NFL hubris. Case in point: NFL commissioner Roger Goodell will hold a Twitter Q&A session on Tuesday using the hashtag #AskCommish.

Now either The Shield and its sheriff missed recent snafus by the NCAA (#AskEmmert) and NYPD (#MyNYPD), or it just doesn’t care (most likely the latter). Bad (yet incredibly funny) things tend to happen when polarizing figures get their own hashtags.

With that said, it’s of little surprise that the early rounds of #AskCommish questions are full of snark. Here’s a sampling of what Roger Dodger Doo can expect on Tuesday.

Tuesday should be fun. Concussions and Redskins and abusers, oh my.