Surprise! Patrick Peterson Says He’s Worth More Than Richard Sherman

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Two athletes who play the same position start a pissing match over who is better, and who is worth more money. One of those athletes is Richard Sherman, one is some confident corner claiming the belt. It feels like every other week, right? Well it’s happening again, this time with Patrick Peterson serving as challenger X to the throne.

In an ESPN interview with Peterson, the Cardinals cornerback had the following to say when comparing himself to the newly paid Sherman.

But with two All-Pro nods to his credit and a Pro Bowl appearance in each of his three NFL seasons, does Peterson think he’s worth more than Sherman?

“We’ll see,” Peterson said. “Got to ask the Cardinals. I mean, I think I am but at the end of the day both sides have to agree to terms and we’ll see what those terms are and hopefully sooner than later.”

After all, he’s only making good money, not great.

“I’m making OK money right now, but I’m just not making his money right now,” Peterson said with a laugh.

Alas, one day Tyrann Mathieu will be running the team’s front office, and Peterson won’t ever have to lobby again.

Until then, though, rise and grind.