Paul George Stays Hydrated With Gatorade, But He’s Not Trolling LeBron

Paul George is the latest athlete to take to social media in order to push his drink endorser, Gatorade, but don’t think for a minute that he’s trolling LeBron James.

George posted this photo of himself staying hydrated to Instagram, and immediately the flood gates opened.

It didn’t take long for the Pacers guard to hit Twitter and check the “ignorance.”

George may very well be just pushing his product at a time when all eyes are on the hydration of athletes. He could also be trolling the team that knocked Indiana out of the playoffs. We don’t really know the underlying motive for him posting, but what we do know is that Twitter will hate on just about anything it can find a reason to. We also know that because of the hate, this Instagram post from George is providing a return tenfold more than it would have any other time of the year.