Odds Of Filling Out A Perfect March Madness Bracket: Play The Lotto

What are you odds of inking a perfect March Madness bracket and capturing $1 billion from Warren Buffett and Quicken Loans? Not good, not great, nearly non-existent. If you’re looking for a number, how does somewhere in the range between 1 in 128 billion and 1 in 9.2 quintillion sound?

The quintillion odds represent filling out a bracket completely blind. In other words, seeds mean nothing to you – i.e. you’re as unswayed by Arizona’s No. 1 seed as you are Weber State’s 16 seed.

If you take even the slightest bit of seeding into account – say, picking No. 1 seeds to all win their first game – you’ve reduced the odds to 1 in 128 billion. According to USA Today, you’d have better luck flipping a coin and hitting heads 37 consecutive times.

In 16 years of hosting challenges, ESPN has never had a perfect bracket (over 30 million entrants). No person has made it out of the first 32 games unscathed in the past three years.

So why try? Because there’s a billion dollars ($1,000,000,000!) on the line! As Rasheed Wallace once so eloquently said, “The sun even shines on a dog’s ass.”