PGA Championship Concession Prices Are Par For The Course

The PGA Tour’s final major of 2014, the PGA Championship, will take place from August 7-10 at Valhalla Golf Club in Louisville, Kentucky. While Rory McIlroy tries to defend his new world No. 1 ranking on the course, fans will be feasting and boozing off of it.

The standard PGA Championship tents offer typical food and drink options, and the prices are par for what you’d find at any tournament. A domestic beer runs $7.00 (watch yourself on the sizes, we’ve seen numerous sports venues try up-sell fans on 20 oz beers that are the same size as 16 oz).

A cheeseburger runs $8.50, while a jumbo hot dog is a five spot.

Following is a look at the entire menu from the PGA’s concession stands (courtesy of @JDHmac2418).

pga championship concession prices 2014