President Obama Turns To LeBron James To Push Healthcare Enrollment

Regardless of your thoughts on President Obama or his administration, it’s impossible to deny that the man is always working angles to capture the youth of America’s attention. Most recently, his “Between Two Ferns” interview went viral, and Funny Or Die was the top referrer for the Affordable Healthcare Act. Now, the president is seeking help from one of the world’s most recognizable stars: LeBron James.

According to Bleacher Report’s Ethan Skolnick, James will record a 30-second commercial promoting the benefits of healthcare. The intent is to entice people to enroll on before the government’s March 31 deadline. Skolnick reports that the commercial will be broadcast throughout March Madness on all channels airing the tournament.

James’ comments about enrollment help illuminate the precise audience he and Obama are targeting:

“It’s almost like car insurance,” James said. “You want to put yourself in a position where—you hope you never get into an accident—but if you do, you want to be secure. And I think a lot of young adults and African-Americans as well are afraid because they are not even educated about it. And hopefully my voice, and hopefully the other people who’ve done it, can get them more knowledgeable about it.”

When asked about helping the President, the world’s best basketball player was straight to the point:

“Any way I can help the president, that’s pretty cool.”

With a little over two weeks remaining before the deadline, it’s all hands on deck for the President and anyone in his sphere of influence.