Did SE Missouri State Send A Risque Picture Of Girls In Tweet?

According to Deadspin, things got a little weird with the Southeast Missouri State Twitter feed this morning. When tweeting a link to track and field results, streams apparently got crossed and rather than a sports update users were taken to a risqué bathroom pic.

Below is a screenshot of the tweet and picture, via Deadspin.

se missouri state

se missouri state

The mistake was repaired almost immediately, it seems, because the school has another tweet from the same time of day with a proper hyperlink.

se missouri state

Deadspin is usually the one to call foul on any Internet hoaxes, so it’s reasonable enough to say this probably did happen. If we want to take the glass-half-full approach: at least they didn’t send out a picture of woman with an airplane in her vagina. Amiright? This guy knows what I’m talking about.


The Southeast Missourian has reported that school SID Jeff Honza has apologized for the blunder, and that the matter is under investigation.

“We’re sorry that that went out on the university Twitter account. We’re looking into it,” Honza said. He said he did not know where it originated from.

A source has tipped Gamedayr that the girls seen in the picture are members of the school’s softball team – only piling on to this bizarre blunder.