Seattle Seahawks Parking For Green Bay Game Is Not Cheap

I couldn’t tell you where in Seattle this is, but it’s out there, somewhere in proximity to CenturyLink Field. What I can tell you is it should never, in our lifetime, cost $80 to park. I don’t care that it’s the opening game of the season, featuring the Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks against an elite Green Bay Packers squad.

Do not park here.

Unless it’s in the stadium tunnel next to the team buses, just keep moving.

Unless they give you a QP of that good good, roll on by.

Unless there is a case of beer and a handy involved, waive bye-bye.

smokey the bear parking inflation

*UPDATE* There are also parking lots going for $120 a pop. According to Twitter user @heydtrain, the $120 lot is believed to be on 4th, and the $80 location is in P Square. 

  • Tommy_Fitz

    They should douse those places with lighter fluid and have a BBQ right in the middle of the parking lot………………..