SEC Revenue Nearly Doubles In Five Years Between 2009 And 2014

I hope the SEC’s university presidents all pitched in to buy Mike Slive his killer belt, because the guy is making grown man moves. On Friday during the conference’s annual meetings, it was announced that the SEC made $309.6 million in revenue ($292.8 million that will be distributed) for 2013-14 – which breaks down into approximately a $21 million disbursement for each school.

Not five years ago in 2009 the conference had a revenue of $165.9 million. In half a decade Slive has nearly doubled the conference’s revenue and, despite adding two new schools, increased disbursement by roughly 50%.

A recent FAQ article released by The Advocate speculates that the upcoming SEC Network has the capability to be worth $500 million per year – a number that would significantly increase the payout to schools, not to mention the league’s bottom line. In five years from now, the doubling of revenue from 09-14 may seem like chump change.

Whatever his vision, Mike Slive has made the perfect business moves to guide the conference into a new era of unseen prosperity.