Tampa Bay Buccaneers Go Hard At FOX Sports Live On Twitter

Whoever mans the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Twitter account deserves a raise after an impressive zinger to FOX Sports Live.

It all started with FOX kicking off its NFL power rankings with a seemingly innocuous tweet that stated the Bucs were No. 32.

Not one to take a slight lying down, Tampa fired this shot across the bow.

And just like that, both parties retired to their respective corners.




  • Arthur J Beezwax III

    Having one of my insomnia attacks at 2am going through the channels and I run across on Fox Sports 1, where they had the Vikings ranked at #30 and then I see up in the top left corner they had Tampa listed at #32, I nearly shook my head off my kneck thinking I may not be seeing that clearly and sure as heck I was. THIRTY SECOND? DEAD LAST? Do these clowns have any CLUE on the talent that team has? The ignorant fools who came up with that should just resign immediately and find a job they might have some KNOWLEDGE in. UNREAL!