Portland’s Voodoo Doughnuts Places Hex On Rockets, James Harden

The Houston Rockets are apparently battling more than just the Portland Trail Blazers on the court. Portland’s famed Voodoo Doughnuts has also put a hex on the Rockets and James Harden.

Michael Russell of OregonLive.com made a recent stop in Voodoo’s shop and shared the following:

Shannon and Voodoo co-owner Kenneth “Cat Daddy” Pogson recently unveiled an over-sized Houston Rockets doughnut. It’s not meant for eating. Instead, customers are encouraged to stab the Rockets “R” logo with a pretzel stick.

On a recent visit to Voodoo’s downtown location, the Rockets doughnut was already porcupined with two dozen sticks. I picked one out of the dixie cup on the side and took a stab. Once I passed through the sticky white and red frosting, the pillow-soft pastry yielded faster than James Harden’s defense.

Following are two pictures of the different doughnuts Voodoo crafted for the hex. The first is for the Houston Rockets, followed by the James Harden display.

voodoo doughnut houston rockets hex

voodoo doughnut hex james harden


Judging by Portland’s 3-1 series lead right now, the confectionary hex is working wonders.