World’s Top 25 Highest Paid Athletes: Floyd Mayweather Owns The Field

Below is a graphic charting, among other things, the world’s top 25 highest paid athletes. Getting punched in the head has its merits, as Floyd Mayweather completely owns the field. Pulling in $70.5 million, Money Mayweather earned $23.3M more than the next closest athlete – Cristiano Ronaldo ($50.2M)

Ronaldo joins two other footballers in the top five. La Liga rival Lionel Messi ($50.1M) ranks No. 3 on the list. Zlatan Ibrahimovic ($35M) comes in at No. 5.

Aaron Rodgers is the only American team sports athlete to crack the top five, ranking No. 4 with $40M. However, when it comes to the top 10, Rodgers is joined by an NFL-heavy (quarterback-centric) group. Matthew Stafford ($31.5M), Tom Brady ($31M), Joe Flacco ($30M) and Matt Ryan ($30M) all rank in the world’s top 10 best-paid athletes.

Kobe Bryant is the only non-NFL star in the bottom half of the top 10, ranking eighth with $30.5M.

Despite having no salary cap, the MLB doesn’t land a player on the list until No. 11 with Zack Greinke ($28M). However, seven of the final eight players come from Major League Baseball.

All figures represent only what players earn on the field for their respective sports from 2013; endorsements are not factored in. For boxers, the minimum purse was taken.

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