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Fastest way to chill warm beer down hits tailgating: SpinChill

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We take our tailgating pretty seriously at Gamedayr, which means we also take our beer drinking seriously. Let’s face it, warm beer sucks, so finding the fastest way to chill it down is a necessity.

But what is the fastest way?

Throughout the years there have been all sorts of theories and methodologies. In Fall 2013, however, we were introduced to something truly special. A simple tool that can change the tailgating and beer drinking game forever.

Ladies, gentlemen, and tailgaters, meet SpinChill.

SpinChill started with a simple drill bit turned into a device to spin cans in ice. The guys who developed the idea, Trevor and Ty, termed it the “Chill Bit.” From there, a Kickstarter campaign was conceived and out popped what is now known as the SpinChill.

It’s a handheld, waterproof device that’s a little bigger than an electric razor. It hooks on to the top of a can or bottle, including previously opened ones, and in less than a minute will chill a warm beer to ice cold temperatures.

We’ve been using them all tailgating season, and the initial reaction from everyone is that there is no way they can work. Once we prove that it chills the beer down, the next doubt is that it must shake the beer up. It doesn’t cause that either.

SpinChill has one job, and it gets it done.

The video below was from SpinChill’s Kickstarter campaign.

Here is a short compilation from the Florida-Georgia game this year in Jacksonville.

Follow SpinChill on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. You can pick up your very own here.

After all, Bill Nye the Science Guy digs it.


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