Life-Sized Jenga Sets: Why DIY When You Can Buy?

Life-sized Jenga is a game that’s taken over bars and tailgates in the past couple of years. But most who like to play assume they have to spend a day at Home Depot picking up supplies to blindly cut 2×4’s with a borrowed saw.

Not anymore.

You see, as the game grows in popularity, so does the availability to purchase already-made Jenga sets, which have been constructed by professionals.

life sized Jenga custom where to buy

That’s the case with Lumberstak, a business that sells life-sized sets made out of seasonal whitewood in either the basic wood grain, or one of over 256 color combinations, for about a $115. If they don’t have the color you want, Lumberstak can create it. They will also add company logos for businesses seeking out some branding at the tailgate.

The best part? Shipping is included in the overall price, so there’s no need to worry about paying $50 (at least) due to the weight of the contents.

life sized Jenga custom where to buy

Quick story: A friend of mine tried the DIY route with a life-sized Jenga set. She literally spent an entire weekend gathering the supplies, cut the pieces perfectly and started to paint each piece in team colors. It was only after she brought them to the tailgate that she realized she used the wrong paint and the Jenga pieces wouldn’t slide out. AT ALL. Which made for a terrible playing experience, an usable Jenga set and a wasted weekend. You can try the DIY route if you want, or you can spend $115 and have a set that lasts a lifetime without any headache.