Tailgaters at Luke Bryan Concert in Pittsburgh Destroyed the Parking Lots

Tailgating, whether for a sporting event or a concert, is a beautiful thing if done correctly. Doing it correctly means no arrests or tickets and being just drunk enough that a few more high priced beers inside will do the trick. Normally, if you do it correctly, you also have enough common sense to clean up after yourself before you go into the concert.

Not the case in Pittsburgh last night for the Luke Bryan concert.

Fans went H.A.M. on the tailgating scene and left it all out in the parking lot, quite literally. From the Instagram and Twitter photos collected by local radio station 96.1 FM, you can see that the tailgate lots were left absolutely destroyed. So much so that the mayor of Pittsburgh, Bill Peduto, issued a statement today saying that they will be holding everyone, including promoters, responsible and will be invoicing them for clean up efforts.

It wasn’t only the trash in the parking lot, either. Pittsburgh police had to respond to over 300 incidents, one of which undoubtedly had to be this guy.

Or this guy.


Or this guy.


Or this girl.






C’mon, guys. You’re better than this.