Top 10 college football game days to tailgate for Week 8 of 2013 season

Our resident Tailgate guru, Ben, said that I did such a great job last week that I could take the reins again. So settle in folks, it’s tailgate season.

The games this week aren’t as enticing as last week’s, but we still have some good ones. Plus, there are some fun Homecomings to be had.

Before I kick it off, please allow me to introduce you to a fun tailgate game. It’s called “keg laps.” Keg laps are much easier than keg stands, and nearly as fun. First, put one hand on the pump and the tap in your mouth. Then circle around the keg until the tap is taught. Once completely taught, reverse course and circle the keg until the tap is straight again. Go as quickly or slowly as you want. Have fun!

10) No. 20 Washington at Arizona State – Saturday, Oct. 19 @ 6 p.m. EST, Pac-12 Network

I’m going to be honest here. I have no clue if this game is great for tailgating. Washington is a fun, decent team. ASU has a couple of good wins. This should be a fun game. I just really want to visit ASU. I’ve seen some footage from Lake Havasu and those kids get after it. Good looking people, good weather, good Southwestern food, good times.

9) No. 22 Florida at No. 14 Missouri – Saturday, Oct. 19 @ 12:21 p.m. EST, GamePlan/ESPN3

Sure this game is at 11:21 local time, but when you’re drinking Ozark moonshine, time is in a vacuum. Mizzou fans should be hyped up after humbling UGA last week. Florida fans are prideful, so that should make for some good trash talk. If Missouri is the wholesomely debaucherous place I imagine it to be, this will be a fun one.

8) No. 9 UCLA at No. 13 Stanford – Saturday, Oct. 19 @ 3:30 p.m. EST, ABC/ESPN2

The rankings look nice, so this will make for a good game. However, the tailgate gets knocked down because of depression points. Stanford fans will probably be down on their luck after last week’s loss. I give this 50-50 between fans getting rowdy before the game and students doing some baked NoCal hiking.

7) Iowa at No. 4 Ohio State – Saturday, Oct. 19 @ 3:30 p.m. EST, ABC/ESPN2

Apparently Iowa fans are miserable this year. But it’s OSU’s homecoming, so that’s fun. Folks will be sloppy and singing Sloopy deep into the night.

6) No. 24 Auburn at No. 7 Texas A&M – Saturday, Oct. 19 @ 3:30 p.m. EST, CBS

I really like A&M’s traditions. Midnight Yell is on my bucket list. If Johnny Manziel were my quarterback, I’d feel obligated to tailgate up to his partying expectations. Make Johnny proud, Aggies.

5) Washington State at No. 2 Oregon – Saturday, Oct. 19 @ 10 p.m. EST, FOX Sports 1

Everyone raves about Autzen Stadium. Wonder if it’s so loud because the Ducks play every game at night? Mike Leach is in town and we’re close to Halloween. If there isn’t a ton of pirates, rum, and Jimmy Buffet, I’ll be disappointed. Leach is a walking punchline for fans, so the Ducks will have a good time.

4) USC at Notre Dame – Saturday, Oct. 19 @ 7:30 p.m. EST, NBC

Call me nostalgic. This game always carries weight, regardless of record. Plus, watching a bunch of drunken, buttoned-up Midwestern Catholics scoff at their biggest, laid-back Californian rival is a good time.

3) No. 6 LSU at Ole Miss – Saturday, Oct. 19 @ 7 p.m. EST, ESPN2/WatchESPN

This girl.

2) UCF at No. 8 Louisville – Friday, Oct. 18 @ 8 p.m. EST, ESPN/WatchESPN

Now this is how you do Homecoming. The Louisville Alumni Association is selling $1 hot dogs, $2 beers, and $3 burgers. Just plunk down $20 and stay full and buzzed for the whole evening. Plus it’s Friday night. What a great time. I wish that when I was in school, my homecoming games were night contests, rather than all starting at 12 p.m. Thanks, Bernie (Machen).

1) No. 5 FSU at No. 3 Clemson – Saturday, Oct. 19 @ 8 p.m. EST, 8 p.m. EST, ESPN

What time do you start tailgating for this one? Noon? 8 a.m.? Friday night? This is the biggest game of the year for both teams. These schools are quasi-rivals. Plus, Clemson owns FSU in Death Valley. Tucked out in the middle of nowhere, Clemson, SC will be rocking. War Chants, that weird Clemson spelling cheer, beers, costumes, Dabo, Jimbo, Tajh, Jameis. This is great all around. Games like this are why you go to a football school. Make the most of it, Clemson fans. Time to write your tailgating legacy.