Chile Player’s Crossbar Tattoo Is Permanent Heartbreaking Reminder

To say that Chile was close to upsetting Brazil in the World Cup’s elimination round would be a gross understatement. The Chileans took the Brazilians to penalty kicks, but nearly ended it in extra time on a shot that was inches from finding the back of the net. Striker Mauricio Pinilla throttled a ball that ricocheted off the crossbar. Had he scored, Chile may very well be preparing for a quarterfinal matchup. Instead, the country is watching the remainder of the tournament from the sidelines.

Most players would want to erase that moment from their memory, but not Pinilla. No, he did the exact opposite by tattooing that shot bouncing off the crossbar on his back.

Following are pictures of Pinillia’s new ink.

chile player world cup tattoo

chile player crossbar tattoo

[H/T Next Impulse Sports via The Independent]