Todd McShay And Mike Florio’s Twitter Feud Is Fun

I love a good Twitter feud – it’s like click porn during the slow season. So when NFL nerdniks Mike Florio and Todd McShay decided to dust up a little post-draft beef, naturally I was sucked right in.

It all started with Mike Florio going hard over the middle after ESPN’s guru in a PFT article regarding underclassmen who go undrafted. Essentially, Florio verbally spanks McShay for inflating the draft stock of underclassmen, all while simultaneously chastising advisers who convince borderline prospects to give up eligibility. It’s a fun takedown of somebody Florio perceives as talking out both sides of his mouth, and worth a read. Seriously, check it out here.

Lest you think Todd McShay is one to ride quietly into the night, then you obviously haven’t watched ESPN’s 942 Kiper/McShay cat fight segments this past month. McSheezy stepped up to the plate and lobbed a whiffle ball back at Florio via Twitter.

Mikey Mike’s response? You knew it was coming.

McShay has been radio silent since being called the H-word, but here’s to hoping he comes back strong – maybe with his own graded evaluation of Florio (Sentence structure is a B-: he is slightly above average interchanging the passive with active voice). Anywho, welcome to the offseason.

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