Phil Simms Trolls NFL In Madden 15

The NFL does not play defense like it used to. That’s no secret. No more clotheslines to a defenseless receiver, and no more body slamming quarterbacks. That’s all well and good, but it seems like defensive backs can’t even sneeze without getting ejected.

Cue this year’s new Madden game and its commentary by Phil Simms and Phil Nantz. Since Madden 15 came out I’ve wasted a considerable amount of otherwise productive time. Just like every new edition, this iteration is jammed with unique and erroneous banter between the Phils. Designers fit in just about as much back-and-forth as they possibly could: everything from pregame analysis, half-time jargon and all the other crap you have to press X to skip.

Each year we nitpick the game and find little glitches or errors. I don’t know if it was an error, or something the NFL just missed, but one thing that makes me laugh is the way Phil Simms blatantly trolls the league about being soft. There are plenty of examples where Simms drools out some cliché line or preprogramed statement about o-line play, but there are more than a few instances where he slams the NFL about the growing lack of defense.

For example, after I scored a passing touchdown, Simms offers up this little nugget:

“When you take into account that you can’t touch’em or breathe on them, that what happens.”

On another occasion he spits out some rambling sentence about why kids want to grow up to be receivers capped off with, “… plus they don’t get touched anymore.”

Simms has been vocal about the lack of defense and the proliferation of offenses over the last few years, so I’m not surprised when he says that sort of stuff in a live broadcast … but in a video game?

How does the NFL even allow that type of commentary to go into the game when it completely contradicts their agenda? They are pushing safety and Simms calls them out for it.

I’m not sure how much say the NFL has in regards to commentary on in their only licensed video game, but maybe they should look a little closer next year.