Tom Jurich-Tim Couch Maker’s Mark Offer Is A Special Troll

Maker’s Mark and Louisville recently unveiled a new special edition liquor bottle featuring AD Tom Jurich. One liquor store has decided to leverage it in order to unload a special edition Tim Couch bottle, which hit shelves in April 2012.

The merchant is offering (at a jacked up price) one Jurich bottle. However, if a patron purchases a Couch bottle as well, they can buy as many as three Jurich bottles. According to Card Chronicle, Maker’s Mark is not pleased with the store’s tactic.

This is what we like to call a “special troll.”

The below photo will give you an idea of the demand for these bottles. Never did I think an athletic director would produce something like this. It just goes to show what Jurich means to fans for the job he’s done with the Cardinals.