Twitter Is Not A Fan Of Andy Dalton’s New Contract

The Cincinnati Bengals made a splash on Monday by signing Andy Dalton to a six-year, $115 million contract. Considering he has taken the Bengals to the playoffs in each of his first three seasons, and that the franchise hadn’t made the postseason in consecutive years since 1981-82, the deal seems like a good one on the surface. But then there’s the little matter of Dalton’s playoff performances: 54.4 QB rating and 1-6 TD/Int ratio.

In a happy world where people cheered other’s accomplishments, we’d all give the Red Rifle a digital pat on the back and move along our merry way. But this is big time sports. This is Twitter. This is The Jungle. There’s no time for niceties, only hot takes.

The Twitterverse went in on Cincinnati’s new million-dollar man, and the reactions were a perfect blend of snark and loathing. Here are some of the best.