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Brazil-Germany Released The Kraken On Twitter

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Cred: @Mitch_Tischler

Move over Super Bowl XLVIII, for the “Massacre at Mineirão” between Brazil and Germany now holds the record as the most-tweeted sporting event in history. According to Twitter Data, the match garnered over 36.5 million tweets.

An interactive heat map of the event illustrates just how wide-reaching the social media activity was. After Germany scored its fifth goal, it looks as though an earth-sized nitrogen bomb was dropped on the planet.

Drawing a correlation: both the Super Bowl and this World Cup match were highly anticipated matchups that quickly devolved into snuff films. With a tight contest, people are too engaged to pop off one-liners. When things get out of hand everybody transforms into a comedian, and it’s off to the races. Further proof that Twitter can be a cruel mistress.


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