Cristiano Ronaldo’s Haircut Buzzed On Twitter: Best Reactions To Zorro Head Piece

*UPDATE* There’s a rumor floating around that Ronaldo did it in support of Erik Ortiz Cruz, and that the haircut is an homage to the young child’s scar from his surgery to remove a brain tumor. While not yet confirmed, if true, good on Ronaldo for taking time on the world’s biggest stage to recognize someone less fortunate.


While Cristiano Ronaldo’s sick handles were impressive, it was his new haircut that stole the show during the first half of the USA-Portugal World Cup match on Sunday. Between the Zorro-esque head piece and Ronaldo taking on the land of the free, he was ripe for Twitter’s hating. Following is a collection of the best reactions to his new ‘do in 140 characters or less.

Oh yeah, and because we have to address his ridiculously perfect eyebrows.