Harry Styles’ Beer Money Stolen At Tigers Game Sparks Fan Outrage On Twitter

Harry Styles, one of the lead singers to the incredibly popular group One Direction, decided to take in a Tigers game at Comerica Park the day after the boy band played in Detroit.

Unfortunately for Harry, the legal drinking age in the US is 21, whereas in his homeland of England it’s 18. So he did what any 20 year old would do and gave some money to someone else to get him a couple beers. But according to this tweet, the bro Styles picked to grab him some cold ones ended up taking off with the money, leaving poor Harry oh-so thirsty.

If the tweet is true, stealing someone’s money is definitely not cool, but the fact he did it to a 20 year-old-pop singer who was trying to drink illegally makes it a little funnier.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Since the tweet of his actions, thousands of One Direction die-hards saw what mean-old Brett did and they are PISSED.

Here are some of the few NSFW tweets that he has since received:


The original tweet has over 4,000 RT’s and favorites so far, so it looks like Brett has a sense of humor about Internet insults from the One Direction fanatics.

No word on if Harry ever did get his thirst quenched, but Brett better strap in for a long night of hate.

Because if the internet has taught us anything, it’s to beware of talking crap about boy bands. Story of our life!