Sad Athletes Trend Because Wednesday Means The Week Is Half Empty

I love weird hashtags. The stranger the better. What can I say, there are about a quintillion people plugged into social media, so why not embrace the absurdity when a trillion or so folks form a covalent hashtag bond?

Anywho, on Wednesday, #SadAthletes trended on Twitter. To which you probably say, “hey jackwad blogger, that’s not weird.” To which I reply, “stick with it.”

They’re athletes. And they’re sad. It’s kinda like the jump to conclusions mat: after a while it just hits you.

After all, who wants to see anybody sad? Let alone athletes? They’re multimillionaires playing children’s games – why would anyone ever want to poke fun at that? That was rhetorical. Here are sad athletes because it’s Wednesday and that’s what’s trending.

Well that was fun. Back to work. Hump Day!