Stephen A. Smith’s Apology Prompts Predictable Twitter Reactions

I was off the grid for the past week and completely missed the (latest) lunacy to spring forth from the well of hot air known as “First Take.” Word around the water cooler is that it was some pretty deep stuff – Stephen A. Smith sticking his foot in his mouth (again), Michelle Beadle calling out the nonsense, and ESPN finding a way to spin archaic views on domestic abuse into ratings. I’m kind of sad to have missed the kerfuffle.

Anyway, on Monday ESPN promoted – and then aired – Smith’s apology (because, really, what’s the point of making a nonsensical statement if you can’t churn some views).

The vocational fallout is minimal: Smith will not be suspended (it’s not like he called somebody a “cornball brother” or anything), which means he can keep eating his cheese doodles and cashing checks. Twitter wasn’t as kind as the ESPN brass, however, and tossed out some predictably snarky comments. Here’s a roundup.