Stephen A. Smith Rant Blasted By Michelle Beadle, Twitter

Stephen A. Smith didn’t make any friends, which is a nice way to put it, on Friday when discussing the Ray Rice issue and domestic violence. Smith feels like a man should never strike a woman, but, and this is where it all goes downhill, he also believes that women need to do a better job of not provoking men.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Here’s the head-scratching moment from Smith during Friday’s episode of “First Take.”

provoke by tommyxtopher

You hear that ladies? Stephen A. Smith wants you to “do your part.”

Smith’s ESPN coworker, Michelle Beadle, eventually caught Friday’s episode. Beadle was not pleased with what she heard, and rightfully so.

Upon seeing Beadle’s tweets, Smith decided to expand on his earlier comments, which just turned into him further alienating himself.

For the most part, Twitter shared the same sentiments as Beadle. Here’s a take of Smith being blasted by social media after his provoking rant.

And that folks is what you don’t do to your career in one day.

[Thanks to for video hat tip, Sporting News for Smith timeline]