With Title In Reach, University Of Florida Stands On The Precipice Of History

The Florida Gators basketball program finds itself on the precipice of history. A third championship, and the University of Florida will own more titles than 41 states in the union.

The Gators will house all of the state of Florida’s championships, surpassed only by states California, Kentucky, Indiana, North Carolina and Ohio (and tied with Connecticut, Kansas and Michigan). Forget collegiate programs; UF is besting a majority of the country.

Coupled with Billy Donovan’s opportunity to join a club whose only members are named Calhoun, Knight, Krzyzewski, Rupp and Wooden; a school winning streak that will likely never be broken; and the seniors’ chance for redemption, this 2014 team is in position to create one of the most enduring legacies in the history of Florida athletics.