Video: Bear Bryant didn’t want his friend Pat Dye to coach for Auburn

Just how deep does the rivalry between Alabama and Auburn run? Deep enough that when ‘Bama legend Paul “Bear” Byrant was asked about his friend Pat Dye coaching on The Plains, he, somewhat in jest, told a reporter that Auburn may ruin Dye.

The video and below transcription (since the clip is a little hard to hear) are courtesy of the fine folks at the War Eagle Reader.

Phil Snow: Would you rather not have a guy as close as Pat is to you be the coach at Auburn?

Bear Bryant: Yeah, I’d rather he wouldn’t be the coach at Auburn.

Snow: Why is that, coach?

Bryant: Because he’s a friend of mine. I want him to continue to be a friend of mine, but it’s difficult to be as close as ones like we were and be cross state rivals. And I don’t want those Auburn people ruining him anyway.

Snow: Did you try to talk him out of taking the job?

Bryant: No, I didn’t try to talk him out… we talked before he was ever offered the job, before he was ever interviewed. I let him I know I didn’t think he should be goin’ down there I think. He didn’t pay any attention to me, naturally.

  • mike

    lol went out looser of last iron bowl that why. bo over top dye bear die.

    • Rtr

      You went looser in English class! And dye couldn’t hold bears jock strap!

    • katgerube

      My goodness, Mike..we need someone to interpt what you are trying to say…And Bear was right..