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Video: Jameis Winston’s attorney asked if victim has Alabama affiliation by reporter

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Following Willie Meggs’ announcement that Jameis Winston would not be charged in the sexual assault case, the FSU quarterback’s attorney, Tim Jansen, met with the media.

One reporter in the crowd pulled a rabbit out of her hat and asked if the victim had affiliation with the University of Alabama. Following is a video, because you have to see it to believe it.

Earlier in the day, during Meggs’ announcement, the entire room continually broke out into laughter.

Apparently, sexual assault can be treated like a joke nowadays.

[Video via @bubbaprog]

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  • Winkie

    Fair question. I guess it’s just a coincidence that the media-driven bad guy of the NCAA is always bama’s biggest threat to not win another glorious championship.
    Cam Newton
    Tyrann Mathieu (Honey Badger)
    Manti Te’o
    Johnny Manziel
    Jameis Winston
    That’s pretty crazy. This summer and all the way up to the A&M – bama game, Johnny Football was an out of control lunatic. Could do nothing right and a disgrace to the sport. But then the game is over, bama beats Texas A&M and I guess Johnny Football has been on his best behavior ever since. Not a word from the media anymore. It’s all about Winston now. The same Winston who seemed to be on a collision course with bama in the BCS National Championship. But bama loses to Auburn (which most likely knocks them out of the BCSNC) and four days later charges are dropped against Winston. Crazy, crazy timing.

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