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Video: Steve Spurrier’s yoga ball workout set to ‘Bump N’ Grind’ is sexy smooth

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Do your yoga ball workout thing, Steve Spurrier, we don’t see nothing wrong. It’s just a little bump and grind.

[MORE: What is on Steve Spurrier’s workout playlist?]

[Video via Mike Dyce/Fansided]

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  • Timothyf7

    Top 10 Descriptions for this picture….

    10) So that’s how ‘the Ol’ Ball Coach’ got his moniker!
    9) Spurrier has found his niche (or valve)!
    8) Shouldn’t it be Blue? Must have gotten the blood flowing again.
    7) So that’s how they blow up equipment at USC!
    6) This is what happen when you worship “Cocks’ too long!
    5) Reports state there’s a ‘New bounce in Spurrier’s step’.
    4 ‘Blow up dolls are for Pansies!’
    3) Shhh, don’t tell him it’s not Rosie O’Donnell.
    2) ‘Who’s your Coach? Who’s your Coach?’
    1) “Anyone can be on top at schools like Alabama, but let’s see Saban do this!”

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