2016 Recruits Rank Colleges With Hottest Female Student Body

There are a lot of factors that go into a recruit deciding what college they are going to attend. On the field, there is the issue of playing time and where the player would be on the depth chart. Off the field, it’s all about classes and distance from home … not to mention the social life on campus.

For many of those recruits, the amount of gorgeous young females in the student body can also help sway their decision to one school over the other. Recently, some of the top recruits in this year’s class were asked what college they thought have the hottest co-eds out there.

You can tell a theme with many of these picks, as many of the traditional favorites when it comes to party schools and a great social life made the cut:

1. UCLA (8 votes)
T-2. Florida (7 votes)
T-2. Florida State (7 votes)
T-4. Ohio State (6 votes)
T-4. USC (6 votes)
6. Ole Miss (5 votes)
T-7. Arizona State (4 votes)
T-7. Auburn (4 votes)
T-7. Tennessee (4 votes)
T-10. Georgia (3 votes)
T-10. Kentucky (3 votes)
T-10. LSU (3 votes)
T-10. Michigan (3 votes)
T-10. TCU (3 votes)
T-15. Alabama (2 votes)
T-15. Clemson (2 votes)
T-15. Miami (2 votes)
T-15. Michigan State (2 votes)
T-15. Stanford (2 votes)
T-15. Texas A&M (2 votes)

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