Ashley Bongiovanni: Rory McIlroy’s Thirsty Hot Blonde Model

Remember the thirsty hot blonde from the Bridgestone Invitational working the sidelines to get Rory McIlroy’s attention?

This one right here:

Her name is Ashley Bongiovanni, and apparently her hair-working ways got McIlroy to notice, because he’s now following her on Twitter, as pointed out by BroBible.

rory mcilroy ashley bongiovanni

Now she’s landing interviews about her moment on the golf course, which may or may not make you want to punch a wall. Here’s her segment from FOX411.

And since this was her mission all along, here are photos of the MancavePlaybabes model, because this is what the world asks for. In all fairness though, kudos to Bongiovanni. She found a method to market herself.