Britt McHenry: Photos Of ESPN Reporter

If you haven’t had a chance to acquaint yourself with ESPN reporter Britt McHenry, now’s as good a time as ever. McHenry played soccer at Stetson University in Deland, Florida, where she received her undergrad degree. She then headed north to journalism powerhouse Northwestern, later finding herself in the Washington D.C. news scene. McHenry also had a very brief stint with Fox Sports San Diego. Since then she’s worked her way into a prominent reporting roll with ESPN.

While she’s been on the scene for a little while, the world can always use more Britt McHenry. Following are some of her hottest Instagram photos.


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  • Dutra

    Britt McHenry sure has an ugly side when it comes to paying her parking fee. Her ugliness goes right to the bone.

    • erik_ny

      It wasn’t a parking fee, it was a barely-legal scam tow company. Read their yelp reviews you’ll change your mind about the whole thing. Her only mistake was apologizing later.

      She cant physically attack them without going to jail, right? So you do the next best thing: knife them verbally. Which she did multiple times and with great precision. Bloodbath. Female is always the deadliest of any species. Well done. Never heard of this girl but now I’m in love.

      • Fire Britt

        WTH pays attention to Yelp reviews? Especially for towing companies. Yelp reviews are like internet polls: they’re worthless. Somebody gets their car towed (rightfully so) and naturally they’re going to go online and say horrible things (“they towed my car with my newborn in it” or “they towed my car with my great-grandmother in it”). Besides, she left her car parked OVERNIGHT in a private parking lot, where a sign warned that violators would have their cars towed! No freaking excuse for the little wannabe princess!

      • Ralph Muranelli

        She attacked that woman on a personal level. Dude, you have no chance with her, so give it up.

        • erik_ny

          That’s why it was so good. Precise! And delivered so calmly… perfect in every way.

          • Ralph Muranelli

            OK, for a minute there I thought you were serious, thanks Troll, Ive been had.

          • erik_ny

            You don’t want to hear it, I understand.

  • Greg4422

    She should be FIRED!

  • Dave Doug

    a real witch—why isn’t she fired?

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  • Just Some Dude

    Tired of people cutting her slack b/c she’s “hot”. We all have known a girl like her before. They walk around with their nose in the air & act like they’re doing you a favor by smiling or saying “good morning”. TMZ reports even her co-workers want her fired. When your own co-workers won’t back you then you know she must be a real b*tch!

    • erik_ny

      Good looking people give life dignity and meaning. They are incredibly valuable. Without them…. god, you would just jump off the GW Bridge. Or move to Russia. Or something.

  • Maggie

    this cold-
    hearted, ungrateful person needs to be fired.

  • Dan

    Want to fill that ass full of cum