Eva Shockey: The Hottest Girl In Sports You Probably Don’t Know

If you’ve never heard of Eva Shockey, that’s okay. For those of you who aren’t privy to the outdoors world, you’ve probably never had a reason to cross paths with Shockey.

Eva, who is the daughter of legendary outdoorsman Jim Shockey, is one of the hottest young names in the hunting industry. She spends the majority of her year traveling the world, and is a blossoming TV personality for the Outdoor Channel and Wild TV.

Eva recently made headlines in the industry by becoming the first woman in over 30 years to be featured on Field & Stream’s cover, and only the second woman in history to receiver her own cover. The other being Queen Elizabeth – no big deal.

eva shockey field and stream cover

The girl likes to get down and dirty in the outdoors, which is something every man can appreciate. For that reason, she’s the hottest girl in sports … that you now know.

Following is a collection of some of Eva Shockey’s hottest Instagram photos. Who knows, they may just give you a reason to start flipping over to the Outdoor Channel.

[Photos via Eva Shockey Instagram]