Hot Belgium World Cup Fan Could Be The Next L’Oréal Model

Remember that hot Belgium World Cup fan spotted in the stands? Yeah, the blonde girl wearing the devil hat with streaks of paint on her face that the world went gaga over. Some two weeks after ESPN cameramen went stage 11 creeper on her, she’s now an unofficial L’Oréal model.

The fan’s name is Axelle Despiegelaere, and The Telegraph reports that the 17-year-old has not signed a contract with the company just yet. However, judging from her new-found Internet fame and the below video, there is probably one coming. If not from L’Oréal, then from somewhere else.

Since returning home, the fan-turned-football-pin-up-turned-model, set up a Facebook page which has already amassed over 23,000 fans (at the time of writing this story).

“I’m Axelle Despiegelaere, the young Belgian supporter who suddenly became famous during the World Cup,” she tells her new Facebook followers. But she’s also the young Belgian supporter who’s captured the attention of L’Oreal Professionnel in Belgium, the beauty brand with whom she’s already made a viral video with. Whether the new face of football nabs herself an official campaign for L’Oreal Professionnel is still unclear, but for now it’s crystal that the brand is happily associated with the World Cup 2014 beauty.

There is also an unofficial Facebook fan page which has over 240,000 likes as of writing – no big deal.

Talk about going Katherine Webb on the entire world.