Hottest Wives And Girlfriends Of 2014 NFL Draft

It’s officially NFL Draft week, which means it’s time to discuss the important things for this year’s highly anticipated event. No we’re not talking about where Johnny Manziel is going to make it rain, or if Teddy Bridgewater is going to slide to the CFL. We’re talking about the better halves of these future millionaires: their smoking hot wives and girlfriends.

The WAGs accompanying this year’s draft class are nothing short of impressive. From Blake Bortles’ girlfriend Lindsey Duke, who has snapped all of America’s neck, to Johnny Manziel’s rolodex full of ladies, these ballers have some serious dating game. Some are even rolling into the big leagues already having put a ring on their significant other’s finger: see Derek Carr’s wife, Heather.

In an attempt to not water down this list, we kept the qualifiers for “hottest wives and girlfriends of the 2014 NFL Draft” short and very, very sweet. There is no ranking to these smoke shows, because let’s be honest, to each their own.

Blake Bortles’ Girlfriend: Lindsey Duke

Lindesy Duke, oh Lindsey Duke. Blake Bortles’ girlfriend absolutely stole the headlines this past football season, finding herself talked about on College GameDay and at the NFL Combine. We all know her and we all love her.

AJ McCarron’s Fiancee: Katherine Webb

Brent Musburger put Katherine Webb on the map, and she has ridden that one moment all the way to being one of the world’s biggest models – even landing an appearance in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue.

Aaron Murray’s Girlfriend: Kacie McDonnell

When she isn’t keeping fans in the Philadelphia area updated on the latest news, Kacie McDonnell spends her time with one of Georgia’s most-beloved Bulldogs, Aaron Murray.

Derek Carr’s Wife: Heather Carr

Derek Carr has taken the opposite approach to his personal life than, say, Johnny Manziel. Though he has yet to start an NFL career, Derek and wife Heather have already started a family.

Kyle Van Noy’s Fiancee: Marissa Powell

Kyle Van Noy managed to snag up the hottest girl in the entire state of Utah in Marissa Powell, who happens to be Miss Utah USA 2013.

Tajh Boyd’s Girlfriend: Taylor Stathes

Tajh Boyd parlayed his quarterback status at Clemson into dating former Tigers cheerleader Taylor Stathes.

Johnny Manziel’s Girlfriends: Girls On Girls On Girls

Lauren Hanley and Kyndal Kyaire are a couple of Johnny Manziel’s latest girl Fridays. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.