Hottest Women Competing in the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics

With Super Bowl XLVIII in the books, the sports world now makes way for the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. While Russia prepares to welcome over 2,500+ athletes from across the globe, the Internet turns its attention to the hottest women competing in the Games.

For approximately two weeks (Feb. 7-23), some of the world’s most beautiful women will also show off their incredible athleticism in one of 98 events.

In an effort to prepare you for the Games, we’ve put together 28 of the hottest women to watch for come Feb. 7. We don’t like to rank individuals based on their looks, seeing that beauty is in the eye of the beer-holder, so instead we simply present them to you without a countdown.

Anna Sidorova – Russia, Curling

Anna Sidorova

Torah Bright – Australia, Snowboarding

Torah Bright

Julia Mancuso – USA, Alpine Skiing

Julia Mancuso

Jessica Diggins – USA, Cross Country

Jessica Diggins

Tina Maze – Slovenia, Alpine Skiing

Tina Maze

Anna Fenninger – Austria, Alpine Skiing

Anna Fenninger

Chemmy Alcott – UK, Alpine Skiing

Chemmy Alcott

Therese Johaug – Norway, Cross Country

Therese Johaug

Anna Gasser – Austria, Snowboarding

Anna Gasser

Silje Norendal – Norway, Snowboarding

Silje Norendal

Tina Weirather – Lichtenstein, Alpine Skiing

Tina Weirather

Tessa Virtue – Canada, Figure Skating

Tessa Virtue

Clair Bidez – USA, Snowboarding

Clair Bidez

Anna Fenninger – Austria, Alpine Skiing

Anna Fenninger

Alexandra Jekova – Bulgaria, Snowboarding

Alexandra Jekova

Jamie Anderson – USA, Snowboarding

Jamie Anderson

Sarah Hendrickson – USA, Ski Jumping

Sarah Hendrickson

Alissa Czisny – USA, Figure Skating

Alissa Czisny

Allison Baver – USA, Speed Skating

Allison Baver

Mellisa Hollingsworth – Canada, Skeleton

Mellisa Hollingsworth 1

Alyson Dudek – USA, Short Track

Alyson Dudek

Mikaela Shiffrin – USA, Alpine Skiing

Mikaela Shiffrin

Lolo Jones – USA, Bobsled

Lolo Jones

Ashley Wagner – USA, Figure Skating

Ashley Wagner

Gracie Gold – USA, Figure Skating
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Gracie Gold

[Photos via Twitter and Instagram]

  • Bbb

    Buhahaha, half of beautiful women in Olympics comes from USA. Yeah, right 😉

  • Kenny

    Am I reading it correctly, or do you have Anna Fenninger on the list twice?