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Kate Upton’s New Lingerie Photos Will Challenge The Internet’s Senses

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Is there a better way to kick off the work week than with Kate Upton’s new lingerie photos? Other than actually being with Upton in person, we think not.

Upton teamed up with Jenna Leigh Lingerie for these ridiculously hot pictures that will undoubtedly challenge all of the Internet’s senses.

Good luck refocusing on work (and thank you Guysim for bringing them to our attention).

kate upton lingerie 4

kate upton lingerie 5

kate upton lingerie 6


kate upton lingerie 2

kate upton lingerie 3

kate upton lingerie 1

kate upton lingerie 8

kate upton lingerie

kate upton lingerie 7


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What do you think?
  • wabbitt3730

    I do not see the appeal of her. Hank Hill has more of an ass than her.

    Decent face and big tits – and that’s all she has going for her. This is what passes for a supermodel now?

  • meandean8866

    @Wabbitt3730- what are you looking at? Her Bum is beautiful.

  • SandyMc

    In a few years, her “assets” are going to be sagging to her waist–it happens to the best of us with age. Hope Victoria’s Secret is at work on an industrial strength bra. She’s a pretty girl. I wish we knew more about the real person than just parts of her anatomy.

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