Katherine Webb, AJ McCarron Receive Reality TV Show For Wedding

Katherine Webb and AJ McCarron are tying the knot and they’ve decided to take their wedding to the reality TV world. According to The Plainsman, the two Alabama celebrities are already filming a reality show that will document everything from their engagement to their wedding.

This route wasn’t always in the plans, but when it was presented, the couple decided to scoop it up.

“They’ve already started filming during the proposal,” Laurie Webb, Katherine’s sister, said. “From what I understood, it came from someone else. I don’t think they were trying to get into a reality show, I think they just had the opportunity and decided to take it.”

“They think it’s a great opportunity. They can also have a documentation on, you know, special times during their life, which will be kind of cool.”

According to Webb’s father, Alan, don’t expect the crazy shenanigans that reality TV has become known for.

“After that was made known, my wife and I did several interviews,” Alan Webb, Katherine’s father, said. “As reality shows go, this would be a wholesome one for sure.”

The wedding date is set for July 11. As for a network that the show will air on, that has not been decided yet.