Kelly Hall, Girlfriends Rage In Bahamas At #GizzJam Bachelorette Party

Kelly Hall and her girlfriends took on the Bahamas this past weekend and burned Nassau to the ground. Anytime you roll with the hashtag “#GizzJam” for a party, it’s impossible not to rage. Think less bachelorette, more bachelor. Hell, judging from the photos, Hall and her friends make bachelor parties look like child’s play.

They dominated Señor Frogs’ yard drinks, hopped yachts, and shut the clubs down in Atlantis. For the guys who happened to be taking in Paradise Island at the same time, well, hopefully you capitalized on a gift from a higher power. It’s not often that a group of girls this attractive gets together and turn down for what.

For those of you attempting to live vicariously through the Internet, here’s a roundup of the #GizzJam bachelorette party photos. There may or may not be a picture of Kelly Hall rocking a thong bikini.

[Photos via Kelly Hall, Casey DenneyMegan Trammell]