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Kelly Hall Gets Turnt With Upside-Down Birthday Shots

Cred: instagram

Not to go all “Saving Silverman” here, but damned if Kelly Hall doesn’t look like a helluva lot of fun to party with. Hall and her gal pals spent the weekend getting turnt for the future Mrs. Matthew Stafford’s 25th birthday extravaganza.

It’s time. #hallthewayturntup

I wasn’t sure what that drink in the video is, so had to ask a co-worker. This was the conversation:

Me: What is that called? It’s not an upside-down margarita. Upside-down vodka lemonade? Upside-down lemon drops?

Co-worker: It looks like they are doing upside-down whatever the f*ck they want.

Me: Let’s go with lemon drop.

So there you have it: upside-down shots and getting #hallthewayturntup, the only way to party on your b-day.

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