Mallory Edens’ Twitter Account Is The Hottest Thing On The Internet

Mallory Edesn’ Twitter account is currently burning a hole in the Internet. Edens represented the Milwaukee Bucks at the NBA Draft Lottery, and instantly her account blew up. Hell, “blew up” might even be an understatement after you get a load of these numbers.

Prior to her moment on ESPN, Edens had 249 followers. Just over an hour later she had been followed by 12,300 people.

mallory edens twitter

We will keep an eye on the growth of Edens’ Twitter account here, as it is quickly becoming the hottest thing on the Internet.

*UPDATE* In 30 minutes since posting, the account has skyrocketed to over 18,500 followers.

mallory edens

*Wednesday Morning Update* As of 10:00 a.m., Mallory’s account has over 29,800 followers.

mallory edens

*Thursday Morning Update* As of 11:00 a.m., Mallory’s account has over 44,000 followers.

mallory edens