Meet Angelina Jolie’s Doppelganger

When pictures first surfaced of a young woman who had an uncanny resemblance to the seductive Angelina Jolie – we were all convinced that Jolie either had an estranged daughter or a long lost twin. I mean they look so alike that surely they are related somehow? Right?

Well, as it turns out, no. They are not related at all. The stunning young woman making waves across the internet is Miss Mara Teigen – a complete stranger that just so happens to look pretty much exactly like the A-list actress.


Perhaps she should have been picked to play the role of Lara croft in the upcoming instead of Alicia Vikander. She certainly looks like the character brought from console to life by Jolie, as the images below highlight.


Made popular in the 1990’s PlayStation game, the Tomb Raider franchise has had somewhat of a re-birth in recent years. In addition to the next generation console releases, there are a number fan art tributes, volumes of online comics and even a dedicated gaming slot.

So who exactly is Mara Teigen?

She is a 21-year old has an incredibly successful modelling career that started in 2013. She is currently signed up with Wilhelmina International modelling agency and has starred in plenty of advertisements for Milani cosmetics.

Seriously though, if you look at the pictures of the two of them side by side, it’s really very hard to believe that they aren’t related somehow. Distantly even. Perhaps they should think of some sort of DNA comparison – just so we can understand this a little more. I mean if they aren’t related that could make the theory that every one of us has one or two doppelgangers extremely real.


Back to Mara now. If you feel like you recognize her decidedly beautiful face, don’t immediately put it down to the fact that she looks exactly like Angelina. The reason you think you may recognize Mara is because of Kylie Jenner, believe it or not. The 18-year old has shot to fame at an alarming rate this year and she picked Mara to star in her lip gloss video that was released a little while back. So it’s pretty sure to say that once you are on Kylie Jenner’s radar that you set for life.

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